New ‘PlayPants’ Give Wearers Easy Access to Their Privates in Public

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Having a hard time interacting intimately with yourself in public? If you haven’t already been rightfully jailed, then a Lithuanian fashion designer has the perfect product for you.

A pair of easy access trousers, called “PlayPants,” will soon be available for purchase.

Brought to you by designer Robert Kalinkin, this new quality low-rise creation comes fully endowed with “drop-crotch double button fly jeans with completely unzippable front pockets.”

The inspiration behind “PlayPants” can be credited to Kalinkin, who according to the Kickstarter website, found a hole in a pair of his jeans one day and realized how “convenient” the problem actually was.

After more than a year of intense planning, prototyping, and verifying, enough money has been raised to make “PlayPants” a reality.

Additional benefits of the magic access jeans, as listed on the site, include:

Scratch your privates in public.
Lonely single night at the cinema? Problem solved.
Boring corporate meeting? Not anymore.
Fix your dull love life and treat yourself to an awesome gift!

PlayPants for Her/Him:

The informational video below goes into depth about the “tragedy” of the penis, and how the hand and penis are “meant to be together,” but are usually separated by the pocket.

Kalinkin plans to put an end to that problem.

Thanks to Kalinkin, unassuming men and women will now be able to indulge in self play in public places, completely under the radar.

Watch-PlayPants: Public is the new private