Salon: Why Trump’s Phone Call To Colbert Should Scare the Left

Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert
The Associated Press

The left-wing extremists at Salon are worried about Donald Trump. Unlike pretty much every other Republican ever created, the Late Night crowd can’t lay a glove on The Donald. Moreover, Trump is unafraid to enter that realm because he knows he can beat them at their own game. The left-wing cabal that makes up our Comedian Class have finally bumped into a Republican they cannot damage. Leftists like those at Salon understand how crucial a political weapon this is, and not having it in 2016 is a major liability.

Moreover, the more effective the comedic attacks are at diminishing the Republican target,  the more the Democrats’ allies in the mainstream media disseminate the video. Trump’s ability to neutralize this weapon is not a small deal.


Political observers on both sides of the aisle have been baffled for months now, as Donald Trump has refused to fade. A man with few qualifications for the presidency, who has insulted whole swaths of the country – women, immigrants, Muslims – still seems to be not only politically alive, but on his way to his party’s nomination. He was supposed to be a joke, a one-liner, but he’s riding high.

Trump is puzzling in another way, as well: He has not turned into the target for comedians that many thought he’d become. Or rather, comics make fun of him — his hair, his accent, his bluster, his extreme ideas — and while they might get a few laughs, nothing substantial happens. At the very least, nothing cuts into his popularity. …

Trump made this clear last night when he called in to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” This should have allowed Colbert – one of the nation’s finest political satirists and the sharpest interviewer on late night – to skewer Trump hard. He set the bit up looking like he’d get the best of Trump, with an orange Trump wig on his bat phone.

But Trump’s call – despite drawing some boos from the crowd – ended up making Trump look, if not good at least, far from foolish. Or rather, foolish in the usual way. Somehow, Trump has found a way to inoculate himself from criticism.

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