Madonna Final Warning: ‘Vote Clinton or We Are All F*cked’


Pop icon Madonna sounded an impassioned final warning to Americans to vote Hillary Clinton for president this week, cautioning on social media that if the Democratic candidate loses to Republican Donald Trump, “we are all f*cked.”

“Ok Lets Get. Down to Business! We Do not want a Man who hates people of Color and Women and is Anti-Semitic to Run this Country [sic],” the 58-year-old “Material Girl” singer wrote in an Instagram post. “We do NOT WANT a WALL built around the U.S. paid for with our hard earned money!!! All Politicians Lie. ALL!! Even our most Beloved and Esteemed. Can we please get off the email scenario. And focus on the Bigger Picture??!”

The singer, who announced Friday that she would be performing an “intimate” acoustic concert on Monday night in support of Clinton at an undisclosed location, warned that the results of a Trump presidency could be dire.

“If Trump were elected we would be at War in no time at all. The whole World is laughing at us right now,” Madonna wrote. “I can only imagine what Trump writes in his e-mails. Wait-Can he even Write?? Wake up People this is not a reality show. I appreciate his charm and entertainment value but he is not qualified to be a Head Of State! FACTS! Vote Clinton or we are all F*CKED.”

Madonna followed up by posting what appeared to be a homemade graphic featuring the plea: “Vote Hillary bitches.”

Yep ❣🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

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The singer has become increasingly vocal in the home stretch of this year’s election. In September, Madonna joined fellow pop star Katy Perry in shedding her clothes to encourage voters to head out to the polls.

While warming up for comedian Amy Schumer at a concert in New York City in October, Madonna told the thousands in attendance at Madison Square Garden that she would perform oral sex on anyone who cast a vote for Clinton, boasting that she makes “a lot of eye contact” during the act.

Madonna had been relatively quiet about the election before September, but her support for Clinton may represent a case of family ties; the Washington Post reported in 2007 that Clinton and the Grammy-winning singer are tenth cousins.


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