As the Election Approaches, Do Not Trust the MSM

I am ashamed to admit that there is one thing the contemporary mainstream media does well. Having spent years studying politics, history, and language, I find it amazing that media is able to convince people to believe conflicting narratives. The creation and perpetuation of these contradictory beliefs cannot be possible without a media structure, as well as an educational structure, that discourages, and too often scorns, analytical thinking. In George Orwell’s novel “1984”, he described this as doublethink which is the power to hold two completely contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accept both of them.


Now that we are a month away from the midterm elections, the Democrats and their friends in the media are going to be working overtime to create these conflicting narratives that confuse and distort reality in order to preserve their power. What I find most fascinating is the liberal perception of tolerance. Liberals are probably the most intolerant people in America. Recently, Andrew Breitbart was spit on by liberals at an “Anti-Hate” rally. Here are just a few other stories that illustrate their “tolerance:”

Understanding doublethink and the process of creating conflicting narratives will help you navigate this campaign season. Liberals and the media have figured out that injecting emotion into rational debate confuses those who cannot separate fact from feelings. The liberal elite have used this tactic to control black people by using powerful accusations like racism, bigotry, and injustice that conjure up fierce emotions yet are nearly impossible to define. You will notice that the biggest supporters of liberalism too often can’t define this doctrine or the policies that result from it. This lack of critical thinking and intellectual maturity is why liberals prey on those in hardship, those with little education, children and students. Taking advantage of the homeless and drug abusers was a big part of Obama’s election strategy.


Recently, I got a message from bragging about how productive this congress has been by passing Obamacare, stimulus and financial reform. For years, Democrats have told us how great these things will be. Now that they are law, some Democrats are running away from these great “accomplishments” while others are campaigning against them. So what’s their strategy going into the midterms? Their strategy is to double down on confusing voters! Pay close attention to what language is used and where it is used because Obamacare will be an “accomplishment” in a union hall and a detriment at a Chamber of Commerce debate.

You won’t see Democrats flaunt their voting records. You will see them spend millions of dollars on a barrage of the most vicious attack ads in the history of politics. You won’t see the media hold liberals accountable that purposely try to destroy opponents reputations and livelihoods. You will see the media portray Democrats as well-meaning servants and at the same time they are going to position the GOP and Tea Party candidates as racist, intolerant war mongers.

During this campaign season, I urge you to remove all personal bias and seek facts in order to make informed decisions. It’s going to take work because we no longer live in a country where the media reports the news. The mainstream media has drawn a line in the sand and clearly shown us what side of the line they’re on. They continue to move farther to the left. At the same time their audience is shrinking. This is a direct correlation.