WaPo: Is Callista Gingrich America's Camilla Parker-Bowles?

Who could possibly forget the sordid love affair between Prince Charles of Wales and the homely Camilla Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, resulting in a forsaken Princess Diana?

On January 2nd, the Washington Post ran with this headline, “Callista Gingrich, America’s Camilla Parker-Bowles”. To call this “a stretch” is generous. The purpose of the article is quite clear, as this paragraph aptly demonstrates:

Whether intentionally or not, the image she presents is all wife and no mistress. Formal and reserved in her red blazers, ruby lipstick and stunningly coiffed platinum hair, Gingrich does nothing if not project the portrait of political spouse. One wonders if she does so precisely because she is debuting in the role after all those years as the other woman.

It is as if the Washington Post is disappointed that Callista does not present the image of a disheveled mistress (translation: whore). Were they expecting her to wear knee-high leather boots and fishnet hose?

The fundamental issue here is why this headline and story were even written. What could this article possibly contribute to the debate over who should be the next Republican nominee? The answer of course, is nothing. It is a vapid bit of “journalism” written with the sole purpose of disparaging the Gingriches and inflicting whatever damage is necessary to ensure the re-election of President Obama, who the WaPo openly admires.

As if one such piece were not enough, the Washington Post published another article entitled “What Newt Gingrich’s three wives tell us about the president he’d be.” Nothing new to add here, just a reporter’s opinion piece spun as hard news.

Meanwhile, where was the Washington Post reporting on Solyndra, Light-Squared, Enerdel, or Fast and Furious? The only “reporting” the Washington Post has managed to muster included this gem of a quote: “In one area, though, President Obama has so far thwarted Republicans: He has not given them a juicy scandal.” Well, at least not a scandal that WaPo will report.

Do you know how many pieces the Washington Post published on Maxine Water’s (D-CA) ethics violations investigation? Zero. Not one.

Instead of focusing on issues of substance, the Washington Post continues to publish pieces that have no value whatsoever except perhaps to TPM readers. Thinking WaPo will ever develop beyond a DNC media minion is clearly futile.