Thursday Morning Crib Sheet: Obama's Media Control, CNN Overtakes MSNBC

Branded Twitter pages are here! But only, apparently, if you’re a progressive news outlet. Seriously, Al Jazeera? What’s next, RT/ Russia Today / Komrade Kommuniqué? Rhetorical question.

– Real headline: Barack Obama controls media more than presidential predecessors.

President Obama grants many more media interviews than his predecessors, but holds far fewer impromptu question-and-answer sessions, according to data compiled by a professor who studies presidential interactions with the press.

By doing so, Mr. Obama and his administration have more control over who asks questions and where they are answered …

… However, Mr. Obama has comparatively avoided Q.&A.s with scrums of reporters, according to Ms. Kumar, answering questions at 94 photo opportunities and other such sessions in his first three years. Mr. Bush had spoken at 307 such sessions after three years in office, and Mr. Clinton, 493.

Of course. Interviewers submit questions to the President and his team, who then choose what they want to answer. If the questions go unvetted, they don’t get asked. This is why he avoids those impromptu Q and As — and interesting how his predecessors welcomed them.

– Compare the above to this from Newsbusters: Obama’s Been Skipping the White House Press Corps for Network and Social Media Softballs.

– Interesting: NYT reporter asks for readers’s help in identifying bomb.

How Fox News stays on top.

And CNN has now climbed ahead of MSNBC. Surely this couldn’t have anything to do with the network’s effort to provide balanced analysis? Again, rhetorical.

Facebook’s $5 billion IPO. The next Google? Groupon? Or in a way, the next Myspace?

Roger Ailes, Katie Couric, Piers Morgan, and others cocktail party together.