Murder in Chicago: Why Re-elect These People?

Fox’s Jesse Watters recently visited the hometown of Barack Obama for a Bill O’Reilly segment, where Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is now Mayor of what one person interviewed calls America’s deadliest city. 

Murder is so out of control that, to the extent Emanuel discusses it at all for the camera, he’s reduced to talking about reprisal killings. In short, we can’t stop the killing; however, if we stop the killing that happens because of the killing, we can start making progress. Progressives have a knack for rationalizing their way out of actually dealing with any problem.

MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL (D), CHICAGO: About 70 percent of all the shootings and homicides in the city of Chicago are gang on gang violence. If we can deal with the reprisal of shooting we can start to make the impact on both the shooting and the high homicide.

It’s a revealing and sad look at the problems of the community our community-organizer-in-chief spent the largest amount of his time organizing. The result of his efforts appears to be a skyrocketing murder rate and a community that lives in fear every day–one in which women are afraid to talk on camera or cross the street to buy groceries.

Chicago’s South Side: ‘We Don’t Shoot White People’

“Watters’ World Segment” tonight. Violent crime in Chicago. So far this year 109 people have been murdered in that city. That’s up 56 percent over last year. Much of the violence is gang- generated minority-involved.

I imagine both Emanuel and Obama would offer the same answer to the problem: namely simply re-elect them in their respective offices. How is that going to solve anything after years and years of liberal and progressive Democratic Party solutions that can’t seem to deal effectively with any of America’s problems, when they aren’t making those worse? 

Watch the video and judge for yourself whether these progressive Democrats are worthy of being re-elected to lead cities like Chicago down the same dead end road, over and over again.

Maybe it is finally time for a change. The word was certainly popular enough in 2008. Given the results of the progressive style of governance, one hopes Americans will think in terms of change the next time they enter the voting booth.