The Media and the Rhetoric

The Media and the Rhetoric

It’s just a little word and you have to be paying attention to catch it, but it changes everything. 

ABC’s David Kerley talking about the upcoming Republican National Convention on Good Morning America: “In Tampa, expect to hear a lot of Republican rhetoric about the future.” Rhetoric? Now talking about the future falls in the “rhetoric” category? Yes, when Republicans do it. The template is being set. 

In 2008 the same media fell hook, line and sinker for the vague and innocuous rhetoric of “hope” and “change.” They didn’t know what those words meant, and they never asked Barack Obama what they meant. They just let those words hang out there and let them mean anything and everything to those who would vote for Dear Leader. 

According to the media, Obama doesn’t give rhetoric, he gives stirring, inspirational speeches filled with brilliant messages to the adoring masses who worship his every word. Only Republicans give rhetoric, especially that Mitt Romney guy who keeps talking about the future.

One question: if Romney talking about the future is suddenly “rhetoric,” what does the Activist Old Media call the Obama campaign theme for 2012: Forward?

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