Schieffer Wonders Why Congress Doesn't Want To Do Anything

Schieffer Wonders Why Congress Doesn't Want To Do Anything

Sometimes it seems like there’s an enormous disconnect between conservatives/libertarians and the left-leaning journalists who occupy the influential editorial offices and anchor desks in mainstream media. A prime example is CBS News’ sage veteran Bob Schieffer. 

Schieffer used his editorial minute at the end of Sunday’s “Face the Nation” to lament congress’ failure to pass a farm bill last week. He didn’t delve into the objections over the food stamp provisions (or even question why a welfare program like food stamps is part of a bill that is meant to help American farmers.) Instead he pined for a simpler time, back when he first came to Washington

Washington has changed since I came here 44 years ago.

There are some exceptions, but many House Members, especially, have come to live in a world unknown and disconnected to the rest of us. They work three days a week, they take long and frequent vacations, and busy themselves with things that have no connection to the rest of us — fund raising to ensure re-election, traveling, issuing press releases, and more fund raising.

But nothing that affects the rest of us ever seems to get done.

It’s obvious they want to be something — a Member of Congress! But when I came to Washington, most Members wanted to do something.

When did that go out of style?

44 years ago was 1969 when congress was dominated by an increasingly liberal, Democratic Party. They had just expanded the welfare state. They were in the midst of crippling the American economy with ever-increasing regulation. Their policies led to the Reagan revolution where upon his inauguration he declared “government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.” 

The fact that Schieffer even asks the question accepts the premise that congressmen have an active role in our society beyond what they swear to do when the enter Congress: To protect and defend the constitution. Not to legislate, not to spend, not to regulate. 

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