Marlow in New York Magazine: Breitbart News Rises During Obama Years

NY Mag

In an op-ed for New York magazine’s retrospective series titled “8 Years in Obama’s America, By Barack Obama and 60 Other Players and Witnesses,” Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow explains Breitbart’s success in shaping the political debate by becoming “the home of conservative opinion” against the permanent political class in Washington.

From Marlow’s op-ed in New York magazine:

It’s gotten progressively easier to shape the debate on the right, which I think a lot of people will find quite scary. And we find it quite thrilling. I’m less interested in one-off stories than things that have more connective tissue. A lot of these — trade and immigration — have patterns: The permanent political class in Washington will do a deal that will enrich their friends and make it so companies and people they’re connected to are the direct beneficiaries.

One of the things that’s important to Breitbart is to try to understand why the left has been so effective.

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