More Proof Scarborough’s Trying to Destroy the GOP

Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit makes a superb point. On MSNBC, the insufferably smug Joe Scarborough has been blistering Republicans for days now, specifically John McCain and Lindsey Graham, for threatening to block Susan Rice’s nomination as Secretary of State.

You see, in Scarborough’s fevered mind, the fact that Rice went on five Sunday shows and spread what the whole world knew at the time was misinformation about the attack on our consulate in Libya is not a disqualifier to head the State Department.

Moreover, Scarborough has literally laughed out loud at how “stupid” McCain and Graham are for going after a black woman in the wake of a 2012 defeat at the hands of woman and minorities.

Instead, Scarborough suggested as recently as yesterday, if the GOP wants to go after Rice they should go after her “temperament.”

I’ll let Allahpundit take it from here:

There are lots and lots of ways to go after Susan Rice, actually, but this would be the most fun politically just because of the hyperventilating it would induce in the left’s Lords of Tolerance. All Republican criticism of Rice is necessarily sexist and racist, therefore a more personal criticism of her “temperament” must be really sexist and racist even though the left has spent years mainstreaming “temperament” attacks on Republicans.

He goes on to make a different point, but I want to stay on this one.

While I personally think the McCain strategy of going after Rice instead of the Obama Administration as a whole is a bad one, at the very least this criticism of Rice is based on substance — something tangible she did.

Were Republicans to take Scarborough’s awful advice and attempt to disqualify Rice based on her “temperament,” the opening for Democrats and the media to declare the GOP racist and sexist would be big enough to push the moon through.

On one hand, Scarborough’s literally laughing in the face of Republicans on national cable television as he accuses them of being stupid enough to criticize a black woman, while on the other hand he gives them the worst possible advice when it comes to criticizing a black woman.

The more I watch Scarborough, the more I’m convinced his obvious resentment towards the GOP drives his thinking more than anything else.