A man holding a Spanish flag arrives to take part in a demonstration calling for unity in Madrid on October 28, 2017, a day after direct control was imposed on Catalonia over a bid to break away from Spain. Spain moved to assert direct rule over Catalonia, replacing its executive …

Spanish Snap Election Confirmed After Govt Collapses

Following the collapse of the Spanish government, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced that the country will hold fresh national elections. He has set a date of April 28th and populists seem set to make gains.

Venezuelan AMX-30 tanks during maneuvers. ANDREW ALVAREZ (AFP/Getty Images)

Spain Modernizes Venezuelan Tanks, Violating EU Sanctions

The Spanish government will carry out an agreement to help modernize aspects of Venezuela’s fleet of tanks, despite the fact it violates a European Union-imposed embargo on arms sales to Nicolás Maduro’s socialist regime. 


Catalan Separatists Clash with Police in Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) – Police in Barcelona have briefly clashed with Catalan separatists who are protesting a rally by Spain’s national police forces in the Mediterranean city.