Twitter Unmuzzles Terror Group

In its ongoing effort (not) to keep its platform a safe and respectable forum, free from threats of violence, Twitter today allowed back Al Qaeda terror group al Shabaab.  The previous HSM Press account was suspended last week after posting tweets threatening to kill a French hostage, then later tweeting about having carried out that threat.

ABC News pointed out that the account’s previous tweets clearly violated Twitter’s published rules.

The new account’s first tweets have focused on topics such as free speech and Jihadnalism – the necessary “journalistic guerrilla warfare to counter” what it considers to be propaganda. (Pot, meet Kettle). 

Meanwhile, I can think of a handful of conservative Twitter accounts that were suspended (some of which remain suspended) for grave offenses such as tweeting about bland sandwiches and criticizing creepy guys who post revenge porn.

Oh Twitter, thou dost confuse me.