Global warming primitivism

In response to Out of the Mouths of Reporters:

That’s really one for the books, Ace, although as you mentioned, it’s not really all that far removed from the regular fare at the Church of Global Warming.  It’s funny how all the “science is settled” types have gone deadly silent about the “science,” now that report after report is slamming down that shows there isn’t really any climate change to speak of.  Even the most adroit “hockey stick” malarkey artists can’t twist the latest round of data enough to make it look like there’s a crisis, and some of the more intellectually honest old bulls of the climate change movement are quietly admitting that the data doesn’t support their earlier alarmism.

And yet, the Church of Global Warming soldiers on, sustained almost entirely by efforts to claim that every severe weather incident might be a result of man-made climate change.  It’s the core concept at the heart of every primitive shamanistic tradition: the dire warnings of the shaman cannot be disproved, because another curious event or calamity he can portray as the wrath of the Angry Sky Gods is always right around the corner.  We could give the climate change fanatics a century of everything they want, regressing the West to a pre-industrial state, and in 2113 they’d still be hooting and waving their medicine sticks at every hurricane, citing it as evidence that we had not done enough.

But the shamans are currently having the last laugh, because taxpayers are still compelled to fork over billions of dollars in direct payments and lost productivity to the Church of Global Warming.  The President of the United States names this bizarre religion as one of his top priorities, and nobody bats an eye.  Serious efforts are being made to prepare us for that pre-industrial regression, in which we won’t be able to afford the fuel for anything like late 20th-century mobility, and we’ll get used to cranky electrical grids that don’t work right when the wind isn’t blowing through the taxpayer-subsidized turbines, or the sun isn’t shining on the taxpayer-subsidized solar cells.  

We’re at the point where a serious effort to dismantle Obama’s phony green energy industry would be assailed as a heartless crusade to kill jobs: how can we think of putting all those wind farm employees out of business, or throw away the massive “investments” we’ve made in solar cells or electric cars?  We’ll be told we can only double down, again and again.  True science has decisively won the “climate change” argument… but we lost the “climate change” political war.