Imports vs. Domestic

In response to ‘Homeland,’ ‘Rockford’ and Why I Love the 13-Episode Arc:

I was less troubled by the politics of “Homeland” than John S., but the plot was ridiculous, especially season two. “SNL” captured the show’s contrivances perfectly…

I hadn’t seen that skit, John, but that does capture my feelings about the absurdity of the season 1 plot. Since both you and Ace agree it gets worse in season 2, I may just skip it.

When it comes to TV, I have always been a big fan of British and Japanese imports. As a kid my favorite shows were all from Japan: Speed Racer, Ultraman, Johnny Sokko, etc. Later it was The Avengers, Space 1999, Monty Python and Fawlty Towers. And more recently it has been Doctor Who, Kitchen Nightmares (the British version), Top Gear, Sherlock, and Downton Abbey.