Cyber Beat: Daily Roundup of Social Media and Tech Stories

In addition to covering the institutional left and whatever protests and crazy antics they may be up to, my regular news beat consists largely of topics related to social media, hacking, hoaxes, leaks and technology related “stuff.” (Not surprisingly, there is often some cross-over with those topics and the institutional left).

I find myself plucking out the best stories of the day – the fruits of my special news feeds, derived from my pre-configured custom searches – and tweeting those out to my followers on social media. Sometimes the stories are serious, sometimes they’re about
crimes, sometimes they’re bizarre, but mainly they’re just interesting
for one reason or another. 

It occurred to me that it might be fun to start a daily roundup of the stories I collect, and post them here at The Conversation.  So, without further adieu, here is my first edition of “Cyber Beat,” my daily roundup of social media and technology related stories.


The SWATting craze continues. I suppose the more it happens to the fancy people in the world, the more law enforcement might start paying attention to the little people out there who’ve been SWATted.

Clint Eastwood SWATTED

Police swarm Playboy Mansion following 911 call as prank ‘swatting’ craze sweeps Hollywood

I love a funny goodbye letter to an employer, especially when your employer was Facebook.

Facebook’s Product Director Is Leaving And He Wrote A Really Funny Goodbye Note

I don’t love bullies on Twitter.  Although, there’s a rule I have: “If you don’t see them, they don’t exist.”  Sometimes, it’s just better not to even bother looking.

Rebecca Marino quits tennis because of bullying on social media


Hackers, hackers, hackers…

Your passwords may be safe, but the little buggers may have gotten your contact information.
Tumblr, Twitter & Pinterest users warned after Zendesk support site hack

A well-known anarchist (look him up here at continues to write from behind bars.
Hacker Jeremy Hammond attacks US cyberwars from behind bars

The irony.
Hacking group Anonymous latest victim of Twitter hack