Cyber Beat: Daily Roundup of Social Media and Tech Stories 3/11


Social Media and Technology Trends.

Personally, I think a “Dislike” button would reveal far more about me…



When guns and copyright mix.


Cyberstalking and Harassment.

Probably just not a good idea to threaten bodily harm in your Facebook posts.

Don’t 12 year olds have anything better to do than SWAT celebrities these days?

And you all made fun of me for keeping that Band-aid over my webcam…



Hacks, Leaks and Hoaxes.


Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, VP Joe Biden, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck hacked and doxed. Maybe now Holder will take some interest? Nah…


This seems to be a growing trend.  And honestly, not just for stocks, either.


University faculty don’t much like that their employer went through work emails to try and find the source of a cheating scandal leak.


The latest hacking attacks expand.


Guccifer has been one busy hacker.


Godzilla AND hacking?  There’s always space for that story.


Fakes, fakes and more fakes.




Oops.  TV station confuses screenshot depiction from Assassin’s Creed with the real city of Damascus, Syria.


That uncomfortable junction where politics and gaming meet…again:


More politics + gaming.


“From Anarchy Online to Diablo III, early server issues are nothing new.”


No comment yet from LucasArts…


For those who appreciate the music, too…