Teen Stabs Other Teen To Death Over Facebook. C'Mon Man!

C’mon man!

There is something very wrong with society, whenteens, or anyone for that matter, feel the need to kill someone over somethingas petty as Facebook posting.

This AP Story spells out the tragic incidentwhere one teen is suspected of fatally stabbing another teen over a possibleFacebook post.

San Antonio police have arrested an 18-year-oldSouth Texas woman over a fatal stabbing after an alleged Facebook dispute.

Bexar County courtrecords show 18-year-old Maria Duenas was being held Tuesday on a murder chargewith bond set at $250,000.

Duenas was taken intocustody after Monday’s death of 17-year-old Adrian Sosa. Police say Sosa diedat a hospital after the stabbing at a San Antonio home where both teens lived.

A police report says thewoman told investigators that she and Sosa earlier argued about something onFacebook but then the issue was resolved. Authorities are trying to determinewhether the stabbing was linked to the online posting. Further details weren’timmediately released.

Court records do not listan attorney for Duenas.