How Involved Was Alan Grayson In the Controversial Al Qaeda-Linked Drone Strike Meeting?

Its seems as if Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson’s office may have been more involved in the recent drone strike briefing, in which an Al Qaeda official was invited to attend.

Grayson’s office sent this over to the Shark Tank:

“Grayson’s spokesperson has stated that Mohammad Al-Ahmady did not attend the event, and that the Department of Treasury’s designation of Abdul Rahman Omeir al-Naimi “was not in place at the time of the briefing, so again, we had no reason to suspect any wrongdoing on the part of Mohammad [Al Ahmady],” who has not been accused of terrorist-linked activities.”

But now its being learned that the meeting could not have taken place without the help and organization of a member of Congress, of which Grayson denies organizing the event, rather pointed to Code Pink and as the culprits.

More on this to come….


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