Harry Reid's Babbling About The Koch Brothers Again

I know we shouldn’t feed the troll –  but this is just too funny to pass up.

So Harry Reid took to the Senate floor, this morning,  to rail against libertarian billionaires Charles and David Koch.

The Koch brothers held a closed-door planning meeting earlier this week with some high-ranking Republicans from Congress in attendance. It’s something they do twice a year to plan strategy and it always gets the loony left stirred up. 

“Why cloak their message in secrecy?” Reid rasped suspiciously. “How can we possibly understand the Kochs’ vision, though, when they and their loyal followers try to do everything in secret?”

Via NRO:

Early in his remarks, Reid complained that recent campaign-finance decisions have created a political environment where “one side’s billionaires are pitted against the other side’s billionaires. “Except one side doesn’t have any billionaires,” he said.

I think we’re supposed to infer he means the Dem side – but of course there are plenty of liberal billionaire  donors. Harry Reid is so silly!

He went on to claim that the Koch brothers have more money than most governments!: “It is not right that we have two of richest men in the world trying to buy America. They have far more money than virtually every government.”

He continued his rant on Twitter:

Reid and his fellow Democrats are pushing an amendment to rewrite part of the First Amendment ostensibly to combat the perfidious Kochtopus.
On Wednesday, that amendment cleared a subcommittee on a 5-4 vote.

But it would have to pass the Senate on a 2/3 vote to advance to state legislatures and it’s doubtful Reid will get 60 votes. The House won’t take it up, at all and most Republican-held state legislatures likely wouldn’t either. 

So this is simply a cheap, election year political ploy that gives Dingy an excuse to take to the Senate floor to rail against two private citizens who happen to oppose the left’s agenda. 

It’s almost too slimy and pathetic to be funny.