Loose bear blocks pregnant woman from reaching hospital

In response to Democrats Increasingly Condemn Campaigner In Chief’s #BearIsLoose Shtick :

I would imagine the woman who went into labor in Los Angeles, but had to wait across the street from the hospital while His Majesty’s mighty motorcade rolled past en route to his next big-bucks fundraiser, is probably tired of the “bear is loose” crap too.

The size of Presidential entourages (and really those of most other Big Figures in our insolvent Big Government) is beyond ridiculous, and leads to no small about of derisive snorting when the American circus descends upon international gatherings.  Obama’s imperial retinue shuts down entire cities when he bails on his Presidential duties and holds Democrat fundraisers, where he gets to bask in the adulation of the last few people on Earth who don’t care that he’s fiddling while the world burns down.  Luckily for him, those people are super-rich.

We’d save a gigantic amount of money and trouble if the Fundraiser-in-Chief actually stayed in his office and did his job, but that prospect clearly does not appeal to him.  I’m not sure he’s all that troubled by the grumbles from the Left you mentioned, although that Dianne Feinstein quote in particular is pretty damning.  Not only does Obama emotionally require the refuge of an adoring audience that pays big money to listen to him repeat the same old speech a thousand times – it’s pretty much the same speech he’s been giving since 2008, so it takes him right back to his glory days – but he thinks the bankroll he’s building up for Democrats is far more important than any temporary criticism he takes for acting like Ferris Bueller.  Today’s grousing about the absentee President dashing out for three fundraisers in a single day will fade, especially once the campaign for his successor heats up, but the millions he’s raking in from left-wing fat cats will be fresh as a daisy in 2016.

To be brutally frank, the damage Obama has done to U.S. credibility overseas is irreparable, at least as long as he’s in the Oval Office, and the absolute last thing he wants to “do something about” is the border crisis he caused on purpose.  Those fundraisers are bunkers where he can hide from anyone inclined to ask the sort of questions Rep. Cuellar is asking, or anyone who wants to know what’s going on at the Department of Veterans Affairs, or anyone curious about the rash of subpoena-induced hard drive failures plaguing federal agencies… At this point, the smart play for Barack Obama is to stay out of Washington as much as possible, until his Bill Clinton-style Legacy Renovation Project can get under way.


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