Ted Cruz: Republican Women are the 'Strongest Force' in Politics

Ted Cruz: Republican Women are the 'Strongest Force' in Politics

Thousands of Republican grassroots activists are gathering across Texas in Senate District (SD) and county conventions to continue the process that began in their local precincts on March 4th, of building the new 2014 Republican Party of Texas platform.  Delegates from the various precinct conventions will gather in the various conventions and put forward resolutions of issues ranging from border security, to pro-life issues, to immigration reform, education, transportation, the 2nd Amendment and more.  These issues will be voted on in each convention and those approved will move on to the State Convention which will be held in Fort Worth in June.

As these grassroots activists and leaders come together, Sen. Ted Cruz put together a video message to thank the very people responsible for his election just two short years ago. An email message, obtained by Breitbart Texas, from Sen. Cruz’ political team asks the convention leaders to play this video message of gratitude from the Senator to his activist constituents and supporters.

“You are the heart of the Republican Party,” Cruz began. “Your work makes a difference.  We’re seeing across this country, threats to our liberty – threats to the Constitution like never before. And yet, you’re the reason I’m optimistic.”

“All across Texas, we’re seeing the grassroots rise up,” he continued, “and I’m thankful for your passion.  I’m thankful for your passion for liberty. I’m thankful for your passion for the Constitution. I’m thankful for your passion for everyone to have a fair opportunity to achieve the American dream.”

Cruz acknowledged that he would not be in the United States Senate today were it not for the efforts of grassroots activists.  “I want to say a special word to the Republican women who are there today. Republican women are an incredible force, the strongest force in politics.  And, to each of you, I want to say, as my friend Kaye Goolsby often points out, Republican women are the heart and soul, and the brains of the Republican Party.”

Cruz continued, thanking all of the various groups of people who make up the Republican Party of Texas and urged them all to continue the fight onward to the state convention.

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