Mexican Protesters Demand Stricter Inspections of Americans Crossing Border

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A protest group in Mexico fearing the spread of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) blocked the entrance to an international port of entry between Sonora and Arizona.

The protest took place on Wednesday afternoon when members of United for Sonora gathered at a port holding signs and a list of demands to hold stricter protocols for individuals coming from the U.S.

According to El Diario de Sonora, members of the group parked various vehicles across the lanes into the port of entry. Jose Luis Hernandez Rivera, the group’s leader, read a letter demanding stricter protocols for travelers entering from Arizona.

“It is not possible that U.S. citizens, paisanos, who are family, but sadly in some states of that country the pandemic is growing enormously,” El Diario de Sonora quoted Hernandez Rivera.

During their protest, the group voiced five particular requests. The first is an end to international tourism and non-emergency medical care. The second was to only allow visits from U.S. citizens for essential purposes. The third is for officials to apply the same criteria and requirements the U.S. places on foreigners entering. The fourth was for Mexico’s health officials to have better control of which migrants they allow to be deported to the area. The fifth was for health care officials stationed at ports of entry.

After several hours, the group agreed to disperse but warned that they would return in days if demands are not met.

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