Mexican Attorney General’s Office Harasses Woman for Anti-AMLO Tweet

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Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (FGR) harassed a woman online after she criticized the president. One day later, the agency tried to distance itself from the statement and claimed they were carrying out an investigation into the matter.

On Sunday night, a woman apparently named Araceli Benitez took to Twitter to claim that Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) was a “danger” to the country. The statement came after AMLO gave a speech from the National Palace where he claimed the country was moving forward but failed to address concerns about any economic plans during the crisis brought on by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Moments after Benitez sent out her criticism, she got a response from the FGR official Twitter account.

Numerous pundits and politicians throughout Mexico also expressed their disapproval of AMLO’s speech, claiming he did not provide answers at a time when they were needed.

It remains unclear why the FGR targeted Benitez, however in their tweet, the FGR said that she was a danger to Mexico “without a gram of intelligence.” As a response, Benitez retweeted the comment saying in Spanish “that is scary.”

Although the tweet was deleted shortly thereafter, screenshots remain in circulation. Twelve hours later, the FGR sent another tweet claiming their “absolute disapproval” of the now deleted comment. The agency claimed an internal investigation into the matter is forthcoming.

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