More Smart Cars Tipped in San Francisco

More Smart Cars Tipped in San Francisco

San Franciscans, who often pride themselves on their sophistication, have taken to a more sophisticated prank than their rural counterparts who favor cow tipping: Smart car tipping. Over the weekend, two more of the two-seat Smart cars were tipped over in the Twin Peaks and Cole Valley neighborhoods.

The Smart cars, which weigh between 1,600 and 1,800 pounds, were tipped in the middle of the night. They follow four tipped cars that were overturned in April.

The act is considered felony vandalism by police.

In April, Andrew Smith commented when his Smart car was overturned that the spree of tipping cars might have been from natives hostile to the tech boom: “The Smart car and the gentrification of San Francisco are linked in some people’s minds.” Shelley Gallivan, another victim, said, “My husband Chris said don’t put it there, someone’s going to hit it… It’s a bummer because this is going to cost thousands of dollars.”

Police said in April that they thought between six and eight people were involved; Officer Gordon Shyy said, “All we have right now are multiple suspects wearing black hooded sweatshirts.”