Planned Parenthood Under Fire in Sex Ed Controversy at California School

Planned Parenthood Under Fire in Sex Ed Controversy at California School

Planned Parenthood has stirred up controversy at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California over the group’s presence in the school’s sex ed curriculum, drawing the ire of parents who are against the move. 

“They are merely using the students and access to the students to gain future clientele for Planned Parenthood,” said one parent who believes the group has a hidden agenda, according to local Fox affiliate KTVU. Camille Giglio cited her belief that Planned Parenthood is attempting to sexualize young students.

Robin Longchamps, who has a child enrolled in the school, objected to the use of Planned Parenthood to educate students, including her own. “I feel it is highly inappropriate for Acalanes with the district’s approval to introduce Planned Parenthood to a 14-year-old,” she said.

Other opponents agreed that while sex education is an important tool, the use of Planned Parenthood is a mistake. Over a dozen college students reportedly showed up holding signs opposing Planned Parenthood. 

However, a mother present at the meeting who was a proponent for the curriculum said, “If you want to opt out and don’t think it’s good for your family or your child, then don’t have them attend, but don’t try to change it for the other 5,000 students in the district because of your own personal belief.”

While abortion is not included in the curriculum, Planned Parenthood reportedly addresses any questions a student may have about the topic if the issue is raised. Planned Parenthood is a staunch supporter of abortion and simplifies instructions for young women who are considering abortion on its website. 

Parents opposed to the move are not giving up until the issue is placed on the school board’s agenda, KTVU notes.