Burglar Steals Ashes of Sacramento Man’s Best Friend

Ashes (Reuters)

A burglar breaking into a Sacramento apartment stole a camera and a hand radio–but also the ashes of the victim’s best friend.

Ed Legenza, who is in his sixties, had moved back to the apartment he had lived in with his best friend, Mif k’ta Wita, after Wita died on October 15. On December 12, a burglar broke in and stole the urn containing Wita’s ashes.

CBS Sacramento reported that Legenza said, “I can only think that they didn’t know what they took. Maybe they thought it was a present or alcohol or something.”

Legenza remembered when the two had initially met. “One day this girl got on the bus with this teddy bear and said, ‘I don’t have any friends,” he said. Wita was chronically ill, so Legenza became her caretaker. Ha added, “We were just friends. We could only ever be just friends. We were like brother and sister.”

After Wita’s death, Legenza sold the house where they lived and returned to the apartment complex where they had once lived. He recollected, “I know exactly where it was. I remember bringing her in.”

Legenza left the urn containing Wita’s ashes in a felt pouch by the fireplace, having sworn to spread her ashes in Hawaii.

Legenza stated that he doesn’t care whether the camera is returned, but the urn contained documents that he wants back. He said he would not press charges; he only wants the ashes back so he can bring them to Hawaii.

He said, “For all the things to happen, to not give her a final resting place. I hope they just don’t throw her in a dumpster … It’ll be important to me to close this out and give her a proper send away.”

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