GOP Weekly Address: 'Get to Work' Reid and Obama

GOP Weekly Address: 'Get to Work' Reid and Obama

In the weekly Republican Address, Representative Larry Bucshon (R-IN) criticized President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for failing to act on Republican proposals and passing detrimental economic policies while “our workers are still hurting,” and “families are being squeezed at every turn.”

Buchson criticized the Obama administration for waging a war on coal, saying “here in Indiana, and in many states throughout the union, we rely on coal to power our homes and provide good-paying, middle class jobs…unfortunately, the current administration is waging a war on this reliable, affordable source of energy and the countless jobs it supports.” He added, “this is one example of many, where policies coming from Washington DC just don’t make sense…this administration’s policies continue to harm our nation’s economy.”

He then outlined the proposals that have been put forward by Republicans to help American workers, such as “fix our job training system,” decrease red tape, repeal Obamacare, and pass tax reform.  He also pointed to the over forty jobs bills that have passed the House, but have not been acted on by the Senate, and urged Obama and Reid to “put aside politics…and get to work.”

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