Limbaugh: By Their Own Rules, Left Responsible for Plot to Kill Boehner

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh argued that the media should investigate who in the Democratic Party “inspired” a former bartender to try to kill House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on Wednesday.

Limbaugh clearly said that the would-be assassin was “clearly a nut case. Clearly he’s got some screws loose. The synapses are not firing in a coordinated way in the guy’s brain.  Clearly a Looney Toon,”

He then continued, “notice that this [the assassination plot] came to a head back in October, which was during the height of the Democrat attacks on Boehner, right before the midterm elections. And also this guy, just to remind you, just to repeat now, this guy claimed that Boehner was responsible for Ebola, which…the Democrats tried to claim about the House Republicans. For example, Democrats claimed the Republicans cut funding for research for the Ebola vaccine, and the National Institutes for Health, and the CDC in general.  Remember that?…And they always do this.  ‘Republicans are poisoning the water. Republicans want your kids to get sick and die.’ I mean, it’s silly.  And they were out there blaming the Republicans for the spread of Ebola, right about the time this guy is getting mad at Boehner for spreading Ebola…Will those Democrats now be blamed for inspiring this lunatic?  You remember when one of the shooting incidents took place in Colorado, what’s the first thing Brian Ross did, ABC?  Tried to pin it on the Tea Party. The name of the shooter was announced, and the first thing Brian Ross, investigative reporter for ABC News did, run to the nearest Tea Party roster to see if he could find the guy’s name on it.  There was no indication anybody in the Tea Party had anything to do with it.  So will we see a similar pursuit in the Drive-By Media trying to find whoever it was this guy Hoyt was inspired by in the Democrat[ic] Party?”

(h/t Mediaite)

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