Powers, Fournier: There Is Some Anti-GOP Media Bias

USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers and National Journal Senior Political Columnist and Editorial Director Ron Fournier argued that there was some bias against Republicans within the media on Sunday’s “Mediabuzz” on the Fox News Channel.

Powers said, “I think that there is a real bias that we’ve seen against republicans in the media and i think it’s gotten worse. i don’t think it’s this thing that has been a constant, i think there’s been especially with a lot of these new liberal outlets, bloggers that have a lot of influence. I think that they [Republican candidates] are under a lot of attack. that said…it’s not like they get a pass from the conservative media.”

Fournier added that while criticism of the media at CPAC is the same thing that members of the media receive at left-wing gatherings for not toeing activist lines, “the folks who try to be in the middle, the mainstream media, who aren’t working for a partisan outlet, if you look at those group of reporters, we do tend to skew to the left. And sometimes we’re not very good about both being accurate, being accountable, and being objective.”

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