Maher Blasts ‘Politically Correct A**holes’ ‘No One Can Make a Joke’

Bill Maher criticized “politically correct a**holes” during an interview with Sean Penn on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time.”

Maher discussed the outcry over a joke Penn made at the Oscars where he remarked “who gave this son of a b*tch a green card?” While presenting the Best Picture award to Birdman director Alejandro Iñárritu, he remarked “I just feel like we’re living in this country now where no one can make a joke, no one can have any nuance to what they say. We are just constantly hounded by the politically correct a**holes out there who want to turn this country into a place that I don’t want to live in.”

Maher further criticized the politically correct, saying “most of these people on the Internet, they’ve never done anything good in their life and they want to feel like they’re the good people. And the way they feel like they’re the good people is they find somebody who’s the bad people.”

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