Rubio Calls on Christians to ‘Saddle-Up’ Your ‘High Horse’

Friday in Nashville, TN at the 2015 NRA annual meeting, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said it’s time for Christians to “saddle up” on their high horses and condemn radical Islam.

Rubio said, “Our president refuses to look radical Islam in the eye and call it by its name. Even in January, when terrorists stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, murdering eleven and injuring eleven others, he still refused to mention radical Islam. Instead he took the first chance he got to tell Christians not get on their high horse in condemning it.”

“Let me be clear with you about something, when we talk about radial Islam, we are talking about an ideology that millions of peace loving Muslims join us in condemning,” he continued. “We are talking about an ideology that prompts children to be buried alive and women to be enslaved and young girls to be ritually abused and innocent people to be executed at their desks for having the audacity to express the human right of free speech.”

“And so, Mr. President, if condemning that puts us on a high horse, I suggest we saddle up,” he added.

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