Trump: Greek Debt Crisis a Problem for Germany and Rest of Europe, Not US

In an interview with Manchester, NH’s WMUR, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was asked how he would handle U.S. policy regarding the ongoing Greek debt crisis.

According to Trump, the problem is a product of European nations trying to hurt the United States and added that he would do very little to assist Greece beyond offering verbal support. He went on to say that it was a problem for Germany and the rest of Europe.

“Well, it is Greece’s problem,” he replied. “And you know they did this whole thing with the Euro. Germany got together with lots of other countries and they all put it together. You know the reason they did that? It was to hurt us. They did that to beat the United States at trade and I understand that. That’s fine. We’re fair game. But when they put that whole mess of countries together – that was done to hurt us. That was done to compete successfully with the United States. It’s been somewhat of a success. But Greece might be the beginning. Spain is a tremendous problem … I wouldn’t do very much. I would say, Germany is a very rich country.”

“They’re doing very well,” Trump added. “Let them solve the problem. It’s really not that much money relative to the overall world. That’s a problem Germany has to solve and Germany can – I hear Putin might come in and help them out because he’ll get some credit. He’s very popular over there. Obama can’t stand him and he can’t stand Obama. He’s got no respect for Obama. But that’s a problem Germany and Europe has. Yes we can be helpful verbally. I wouldn’t give them 10 cents. We can certainly be helpful, but these are problems – this union was created to be able to better compete against the United States. They got to solve their own problems.”

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