Trump: China’s Pres Should Get McDonald’s On Visit, US Should Have Put Tariff on Chinese Goods


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would give China’s president a McDonald’s burger when he comes to visit, and the US should have put a tariff on Chinese goods to stop its currency devaluation on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

After re-iterating that the US should decouple itself from China, Trump was asked how he would handle the visit of China’s President Xi Jinping. He answered, “I would not be throwing him a dinner. We’ve had this — I’d get him a McDonald’s hamburger and I’d say, ‘We gotta get down to work, because you can’t continue to devalue.’ You know, we’ll give him a steak dinner and what he’s done is sucked all of our jobs, and he’s sucked the money right out of our country.”

He added, “I would give him…probably a double sized Big Mac. Look, it’s not so much the companies, it’s our government that allowed China to do this to us.”

Trump later said, “Our government should have stopped China from devaluing.” And that “it’s so simple. They put a tariff on Chinese goods.” He further argued, “You have no choice.” Trump also stated, “China does it to us. Do you think that we sell to China without a tariff? They call it a tariff. I call it a tax.”

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