Alan Grayson Threatens Lawsuit on Citizenship Grounds if Ted Cruz Is the GOP Nominee

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Alan Colmes radio show on Fox News Radio, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the soon-to-be open Florida U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), sounded off on the 2016 field for the Republican presidential nomination.

While discussing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-FL), Grayson told Colmes he didn’t view Cruz as a natural-born citizen and would challenge his candidacy with a lawsuit if he were selected by GOP voters to be the party’s presidential nominee.

Partial transcript as follow (courtesy Fox News Radio):

COLMES: What are some of the other items on your hit list right now in terms of arguing with the other side?

GRAYSON: Honestly, it’s the appalling choices that they have among their so-called presidential candidates.

COLMES: Apparently Cruz is coming up strong now, and he’s kind of super-ceding Carson in the latest Reuters poll. But that’s not exactly a panacea for what ails us either?

GRAYSON: It’s resolved itself into this weird reality show. It’s not “The Biggest Loser” that they’re choosing, it’s “The Biggest Bigot.”

COLMES: That’s very interesting, are they all bigots?

GRAYSON: Show me one who represents the exception here. In a sense I guess Cruz is not technically that way, because technically he’s not even an America.

COLMES: Well, his mother was born here, so I guess like Obama, though it’s interesting to me the people who had a problem with Obama, though it’s interesting to me that the people who had a problem with Obama’s birth certificate don’t have a problem with Ted Cruz who literally was born in another country and renounced his Canadian citizenry.

GRAYSON: I don’t know … the Constitution says natural-born Americans, so now we’re counting Canadians as natural born Americans? How does that work? I’m waiting for the moment that he gets the nomination and then I will file that beautiful lawsuit saying that he’s unqualified for the job because he’s ineligible.

COLMES: So you’re saying should he get the nomination, Alan Grayson will file a lawsuit against his candidacy.

GRAYSON: Absolutely! Call me crazy but I think the president of America should be an American.

COLMES: Now I wonder, does he qualify because of having an American mother can considered an American citizen and in fact he renounced his Canadian citizenship to be an American citizen, but you’re talking about American birth, but I believe if that’s one of you parents —

GRAYSON: Look, even the anchor babies are actually born here. He doesn’t even meet that qualification.

COLMES: Right. And although I don’t like the term anchor babies, it’s been embraced by people like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz — not Ted Cruz — Marco Rubio who may in fact be one, as I understand.

GRAYSON: Oh, it’s shocking. In Cruz’s case, it is obvious what happened. The Canadians got pissed off at us for acid rain, so they gave us Ted Cruz.

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