Tom Steyer: We’re Putting $20 Million Into Eight Swing States To ‘Focus on Over 2 Million Sporadic Voters’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” NextGen Climate founder and Hillary Clinton supporter Tom Steyer announced that his organization is putting $20 million into a $55 million program with “four national unions…going door-to-door in eight swing states, trying to do 8 million door knocks, focusing on over 2 million sporadic voters” to talk to them about issues.

Steyer said, “The programs that we have been working on, we’ve been working on for over a year. Basically, two big programs, one of them is in conjunction with four national unions, where we’re putting in — we’ve been working on that for this entire year, basically going door-to-door in eight swing states, trying to do 8 million door knocks, focusing on over 2 million sporadic voters to talk to them on the issues we think they care about the most, which is, economic justice, environmental justice, racial justice, and good schools, and that’s a program in we’re putting in $20 million, or we’ve put in $20 million in the overall program.”

He added, “[T]he program is $55 million. So the — my organization, which is not just me, but which is largely me, is 20 million of that $55 million. You can’t do if Sheldon Adelson wanted to do a field program knocking on doors, he couldn’t decide to do it now, because you have to hire people, organize them, you have to work with existing organizations. It’s an actual, you know, organizational task requiring a lot of work. So we’re doing something completely different from what you’ve just described, because what you’re talking about is shooting TV commercials and putting them on the air, and in this case, I think you’re describing doing negative commercials where they’re targeting Secretary Clinton.”

Steyer further stated, “[W]e’re going to be on well over 200 college campuses, doing the exact same thing with millennials, in swing states and in California, to say, care about climate, get the facts about the candidates on climate, understand what’s going on, you already care about this, this is your number one issue, be aware about how important your vote is.”

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