Sessions: Supreme Court Rejected ‘Narrative of the Left’ on Travel Ban

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the U.S. Supreme Court “rejected this whole narrative of the left” of what was deemed to be a “Muslim ban” by partially lifting a lower court order that blocked travel restrictions from six Muslim-majority countries.

Sessions said, “There is a little bit on the margins, uncertainties, but fundamentally, the court rejected this whole narrative of the left, that his orders, that president’s orders were wrong and unjustified and unconstitutional. It was a major slap down to them, a major rejection of courts that have been, where plaintiffs have gone out favorable jurisdictions to hear these cases. They have been rebuked. So I think it was a great victory for the president. We’re going to focus on these six countries alone who have really failed states with terrorist bases in them. We need to be very careful before we admit people from those countries and the president is exactly correct.”

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