Krauthammer: Trump’s Poland Speech Was ‘Great’ – ‘Refutation’ of His Own Inaugural and ‘Very Anti-Russian’

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer praised President Trump’s speech in Poland while arguing that the speech refuted Trump’s own Inaugural Address and was strongly anti-Russia.

Krauthammer said, “I thought it was a great speech, and the contrast was not so much, I think, to the Obama apology tour. The contrast was to Trump’s own Inaugural Address. This was a refutation, root and branch, of the ideas underlined in the Inaugural Address. Which was America first, the allies are parasites, we’re not going to stick up for ourselves. There was was none of that. It was the opposite. This was an ode to treaties and to alliances, and even in some ways, to trade. This is completely new.”

Krauthammer also praised Trump’s handling of Polish history and the fact that Trump emphasized the evils of the Soviets in Poland.

Krauthammer concluded, “This was a very anti-Russian speech, very uncharacteristic of this president. And the only question the Poles have today is, will he mean it tomorrow?”

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