CNN’s Collins: Ironic Trump at WH ‘Sports and Fitness Day’ Considering ‘His Own Weight Loss Battle’

Wednesday on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” network White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins said President Donald Trump’s participation in White House Sports and Fitness Day comes with a “great deal of irony” given the “questions about his own weight loss battle.”

Partial transcript as follows:

JOHN KING: The president is at a health care event right now, signing legislation about drug use for terminally ill patients. Later today he has a sports and fitness event at the White House. As we wait for that event, we’re also learning new details about the president’s efforts to set a better example. Kaitlin, tell us about the president’s new health regimen and who is behind helping him lose a few pounds.

KAITLAN COLLINS: The president is having this event here at the White House today highlighting health and fitness while questions are being raised about the president’s own health and fitness. As you recall, back in January, the president’s doctor came out to the briefing room, and while he told reporters he believed the president was in good health, he did say he was 6’3″ and 239 pounds and had set a weight loss goal of 10 to 15 pounds over the coming year. So questions are how he was going to do that through diet and exercise. As far as his diet, the president has changed his diet some, and we’re told the chefs in the White House kitchen have been told to limit the calorie and fat intake in some of the meals they prepare for the president, who often eats here at the White House. He’s traded his well-done steaks that he usually drowns in ketchup for Dover sole, and those cheeseburgers he eats after a round of golf now only come with the bottom bun and no longer the top half of the bun. So the president certainly has changed his eating some since that medical evaluation from Dr. Ronny Jackson. But as far as exercise, the president doesn’t seem to have implemented any new routines into his exercise routine. He’s said before he doubts the benefit of exercise for people his age and that instead he prefers to play golf. We should note when he does play golf, he uses a cart instead of walking the holes like some people choose to do. So a great deal of irony here today as the president is holding this event, these questions about his own weight loss battle that are still going on in the White House.

KING: A great deal of irony, the understatement of the day from Kaitlan Collins here at the White House. Thank you. We’ll watch that event later today.

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