Adam Schiff: ‘Astounding’ How Trump Talks Like the Head of a Mafia Family

Monday on KTLA’s “Morning News,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) suggestd President Donald Trump talked “like the head of a mafia family.”

When asked about a potential presidential pardon for Paul Manafort, Schiff said, “Well if he’s pardon it’s another act of obstruction of justice and I think it makes the case for obstruction that much stronger against the president. And I think that’s why some of the president’s advisers urging him not to do it but others are out there like Giuliani actively floating the idea. Basically I think they’re doing it because they’re telling Paul Manafort who’s now potentially facing life in prison, don’t flip, don’t rat If you keep your mouth shut like a good part of the mafia family you can expect a pardon unlike that rat Michael Cohen.”

He continued, “This is what it’s come to. I have to say it reminds me of comments that James Comey made about his first meetings with the president where he said he seemed to conduct the meetings like the head of a mafia family. Well, the head of a mafia family talks about people being rats and people flipping and that cooperating with the government ought to be a crime. It’s astounding to hear the president of the United States talk that way.”

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