Rove: ‘Unseemly’ for Trump to Demand DoJ Investigate Opponents — Not How We Do Things in America

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” former Bush senior White House aide Karl Rove said it was “unseemly” for President Donald Trump to demand the Justice Department investigate “his political opponents.”

Rove said, “I think it’s unwise for any president of any party to look like he is demanding that the Justice Department investigate his political opponents. It is just unseemly. I think a good test of this is turnabout. What if Hillary Clinton had won the election? Would we be excited about Hillary Clinton calling upon her attorney general to investigate Donald Trump over the meeting at the Trump Tower? Bill Clinton, would it have been seemly if he had said I want Ronald Reagan lied about Iran-Contra and I want him investigated and Colonel Oliver North needs to go to jail or Caspar Weinberger, who was pardoned by President George W. Bush, we need to get behind that and somebody needs to go to jail?”

He continued, “This isn’t how we do things or should do things in America. The president I think would be well advised not to be making these kind of demands.”

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