Sharpton: ‘We Need to Know’ If Trump Obstructed Justice Just Like Nixon

Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” network host Al Sharpton said an impeachment process against former president Richard Nixon was in part for obstruction of justice, so President Donald Trump could still be in trouble.

Sharpton said, “You have to ask the question, why did everybody lie if there was nothing to lie about? Whether he was a useful idiot or whether he was greedy trying to get a deal in Moscow for the Trump organization — because remember he never thought he would win for president—and whether they were maneuvering him, I think Putin—Trump and I both come from New York.”

“There’s a game in  Times Square, they beat you out of your money, Three-Card Monty, Putin could have been been playing him, you know he wants a hotel, I’ll do this, do that, and then they had to obstruct justice because they got out too far,” he continued. “They woke up not on Fifth Avenue. They were in the White House. That’s why I want to know where obstruction. Obstruction does not mean you colluded. Obstruction means you obstructed. Nixon may never have known about the break-in and who would pay for it, but when he participated in the cover-up, that’s when the Republicans said he had to go. So I don’t care if he was a conspirator in the beginning, an idiot in the middle or someone that obstructed at the end, we need to know.”

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