MSNBC’s Wallace on Trump Attacking Fox News: ‘What a Flippin’ Loser!’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” host Nicolle Wallace called President Donald Trump “a loser” after reading Trump’s tweets about Fox News host Chris Wallace and 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s town hall.

Wallace said, “What a loser. What a loser. I’m sorry. I have more to read but hang on a second. What a flippin’ loser, Heilemann.”

Network political analyst John Heilemann said, “The dude just, you know —”

Wallace interjected, “He’s a loser.”

Heilemann continued, “I don’t want to stoop to that—it’s pathetic. The other thing is, it so reveals all—his ID is so on display in all of his tweets. So if he’s afraid of something, he doesn’t try to be the tough guy at the table.”

Wallace said, “He doesn’t pretend his hands are big enough. I mean what a loser.”

She added, “I heard this, and I read this, but reading it out loud from a teleprompter made it real from me. I like his dead father. I mean, what’s wrong? It’s pathological.”

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