Chris Wallace

George. H.W. Bush

FNC’s Wallace: ‘George H.W. Bush Was the Greatest Living American’

During the Fox News Channel’s coverage of former President George H.W. Bush’s death, FNC anchor Chris Wallace said that Bush’s passing means we have lost “the greatest living American.” Wallace said, “Well, you know, there’s an old thing we used to

Chris Wallace

FNC’s Wallace: Trump Is Getting ‘Too Much Credit’ for Holding Senate

During the Fox News Channel’s Election coverage on Tuesday, host Chris Wallace stated that President Trump deserves congratulations for Republicans holding the Senate, but Trump is getting “too much credit” for the result, given that Republicans had a favorable map.

Chris Wallace

FNC’s Wallace: Only Person Trump Can Blame for Mueller Probe ‘Is Himself’

On Friday’s “Shepard Smith Reporting,” “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace discussed President Trump’s criticisms of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and stated that Sessions’ recusal didn’t lead to the appointment of Speical Counsel Robert Mueller. Wallace added that Trump can


Fox News’ Chris Wallace: I’m Surprised ‘How Bitchy’ the Comey Book Is

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Chris Wallace, the anchor of “Fox News Sunday,” described former FBI Director James Comey’s forthcoming book as “bitchy,” adding there weren’t any new bombshells in the book and instead a lot of “unpleasant”


Cuban: Only 10 Percent Chance I’ll Run for President in 2020

On this weekend’s “Fox News Sunday,” Dallas Mavericks owner and “Shark Tank personality was asked by host Chris Wallace about the prospects of a 2020 presidential run. “How seriously are you thinking about running for president yourself in 2020?” Wallace asked.