Nicolle Wallace: Kamala Harris Changed the Dynamic of the Democratic Primary Tonight

Thursday while commenting on the MSNBC Democratic candidates’ debate, network host Nicolle Wallace said Sen. Kamala Harris(D-CA) changed the dynamic of the 2020 Democratic primary tonight.

Wallace said, “I believe what happened tonight will erase in most peoples mind what happened last night. That’s not to take anything away from any of the men and women who stood on that stage, but I think there was a very different feeling about tonight. From Joe Biden’s very first response in which he invoked an attack, Donald Trump which was something our friend Joy Reid said the Democratic Party is hungry for.”

“I think they were all much more closer to the beating pulse of the hopes and desires of really the most sort of urgently desperate to beat Donald Trump-wing of the Democratic Party,” she added. “And I think we talked about leading into this debate. Kamala Harris has not yet been showcased in a moment that did not elevate her. And we talked about the Barr hearings where she didn’t just stand out. She changed the dynamics of that event. She changed the dynamics of this event and perhaps the Democratic primary tonight.”

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