Brooks: Trump’s Story of America ‘Is a Pagan Roman Story’ – There Was ‘Trump Phobia’ Over July 4th Celebration

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that President Trump’s story of the United States is “basically what is a pagan Roman story.” He also stated that there was “Trump phobia” over the president’s July 4th celebration.

Brooks said that “the Trump story” is “that he goes to the military as a source of American values, and then contrasts that to the hostile world outside. And that’s one story of America. I don’t think it’s the real story. I think it’s the story of Rome, frankly. … He gives us basically what is a pagan Roman story.”

He later added that Trump’s political strategy is “How can I anger liberals? If I can get them attacking me, then my people will be for me. And so, frankly, a lot of this stuff with the tanks, for example, I thought there was a lot of over-the-top, frankly, Trump phobia. Oh, he’s going to have fascism in the streets.”

Brooks also stated, “I sort of admire the way Trump has at least started this conversation” about what America’s national story is, although Brooks said that Trump probably did so unintentionally.

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