FNC’s Rove: AOC Comment About Getting Rid of DHS ‘Moronic, Stupid, Naive and Dumb’

Tuesday, Fox News contributor Karl Rove criticized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) over her comments during an interview with The New Yorker about getting rid of the Department of Homeland Security.

When asked if we should get rid of DHS, Ocasio-Cortez said, “I think so. I think so. I think we need to undo a lot of the egregious mistakes that the Bush Administration did. I feel like it is a very qualified and supported position, at least in terms of evidence and in terms of being able to make the argument that we never should have created D.H.S., in the early two-thousands.”

Rove said, “I think it’s moronic, stupid, naive, and dumb.”

He continued, “I can’t believe that a member of Congress––admittedly she was 11, about ready to turn 12 the following month––but she should study the lessons of history, she should talk to her colleagues. She should investigate what happened.”

He added, “Does she really want us to go back to an age in which you can go and board airplane carrying a box cutter or a bomb? Does she really want our borders to be unprotected? Does she really want to abolish the customs? Does she want to get rid of the Secret Service?”

He concluded, “I would like her to go to the parents and the loved ones who lost someone on 9/11 who live in her district in New York and ask them if they think that the United States of America should be placed in a place where people, other families, will have to suffer through the pain and grief that they have.”

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