Clyburn: ‘I Do Not Think There’s a Growing Racial Divide Within the Democratic Party’

Wednesday during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) denied the existence of a “racial divide” within the Democratic Party despite remarks made by some of his colleagues regarding the issue.

Clyburn relayed that his past experiences allowed for him to speak on racial divisions and said there was still a need to have discussions about race.

“I do not think there’s a growing racial divide within the Democratic Party,” Clyburn said. “There are racial issues in this country, and the flames have been fanned by this president. I do believe we are going and should have, into a discussion of race. Look, I’ve been around a long time. I’m from South Carolina. I know what it is to love in that kind of environment. But I bring that experience here to the Congress. Others bring their experiences here to the Congress. Some of those experiences were predicated upon racial differences. And some of them are gender differences. Some of them have to do with preferences. We should have all of those discussions here. But we can do that in a way we can respectful with each other, and I do believe that that is taking place.”

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