Trump on Obama’s Silence During Biden-Ukraine Saga: ‘I Think He’s Hiding’

During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Justice” on Saturday, President Donald Trump speculated as to why former President Barack Obama has remained silent as allegations have unfolded regarding wrongdoing by former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden that occurred during his presidency.

Trump said he thought Obama was “hiding” and raised the possibility that Obama was aware of the efforts from former FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

Partial transcript as follows:

you know, I want to ask a question that I haven’t heard you answer. And that is, where is Barack Obama in all this? Why haven’t we heard from him? I mean, in the beginning of your administration, he wouldn’t stop talking. And now, he’s nowhere to be heard. Where is he?

TRUMP: I think he’s hiding.


TRUMP: I think he knows all about it. And we are talking about investigate the investigators. We’re talking about the beginning. And it was really before I took office. It was — if you look at the insurance policy with Strzok and Page, just in case she should lose, we’ve got an insurance policy. That’s what all this stuff has been about, the insurance policy.

These are bad people. These are evil people. And this was the insurance policy. The two lovers, Strzok and Page. Two beauties.


PIRRO: Well, you know …

TRUMP: And it’s a terrible thing, what they do to this country. Terrible. But we are winning. And we’re winning big. And the American public knows it. And that’s why I think they want to stay away. But they can do whatever they want. But they want to stay away.

If you look at what’s happening, Jeanine, if you take a look, the electricity for the Republican Party, they are so angry at what has taken place. Because, as an example, everybody knows that Schiff — we call him “shifty Schiff” — he made up the story. He made up my phone call.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: And based on that phone call, this is what this whole thing is about. It’s all about a phone call. And the call is perfect. I have given that call to everybody to read it. In fact, Lindsey Graham made a statement. He said, I never knew you were so nice.

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