Petraeus: Trump Gave Ukraine the Weapons That Were Appropriated But Denied by Obama

On Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s “State of the Union,” former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency retired General David Petraeus said the Trump administration provided weapons approved by Congress to Ukraine, and he pointed out the Obama administration failed to do so.

Petraeus said, “To be fair, this administration is the one that did finally give to the Ukrainians the tank-guided missiles, the Javelin, as proved by Congress and appropriated for but not delivered by the previous administration. So that was a very reassuring step. I was in Ukraine just three months ago. This is a hopeful but fragile period for that country. They have a new president, and now he has a parliament majority that is sufficient to pass the real reforms that Ukraine has needed.”
“Keep in mind, that the battle that matters most is actually not the battle in southeastern Ukraine with the Russian enabled separatists it is the battle for Kyiv and whether or not this government could deliver for the people what they want, to combat the corruption, the bureaucracy, the challenges that have beset the governments since the independence from the Soviet Union and that chance is now, and we should provide assistance in every way we can, not just military assistance,” he added.

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